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Mobile crushing station_YIFAN successfully launched construction waste equipment


Global utilization of construction waste precedent earlier than China for 30 years, such as Japan, Korea, Germany, Sweden, the United States and other countries on the construction waste utilization have reached a very high level. Singapore is recognized worldwide as the "Garden City" in order to clean urban environment is known, for construction waste is treated with strict regulations.
From August 2002 onwards Singapore launched the 'Green ambitious 2012 Waste Reduction Action Plan'. The action advocate 'waste recycling', that can not be avoided for construction waste recycling, recycling as much as possible, so that it has the function of renewable resources. Singapore construction waste generated in 2006 was about 600,000 tons, produces about 1,600 tons daily. Among them, 98% of construction waste have been processed, 50-60% of the construction waste recycling achieved. Emulate foreign advanced and mature experience and technology building waste, construction waste disposal equipment of professional developer Zhengzhou YIFAN Machinery Co., Ltd. developed and manufactured mobile crushing station can achieve construction waste turning waste into treasure. The successful development of the device on the end of the previous construction waste as waste disposal destiny, creating a resource of construction waste to a new situation.
YIFAN Machinery construction waste disposal equipment mobile crushing station construction waste daily handling capacity of 1,000 tons, half of all from the nearby brick business as unburned material as the rest of the municipal road concrete aggregate water stability layer material. Cheaper than other conventional building materials cheap, popular with the market. Based on current production and sales situation, industry environmental technology Co., Ltd. decided to invest 10 million yuan to build stationary waste disposal stations, the daily processing capacity of up to 2,000 tons, more than 70 years in dealing with construction waste tons. YIFAN Machinery developed and launched under different device configurations effective utilization of construction waste can reach 80-100, no secondary pollution, can achieve near-zero pollution, zero emissions ideal environmental effects. As long as we follow the solid waste disposal should be "harmless, reduction, recycling," this principle, and according to urban socio-economic conditions and the specific characteristics of urban solid waste treatment process selected reasonable and effective, solid waste disposal will certainly towards a better future.
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