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YIFAN mobile jaw crusher introduction of more responsive to the times and social development


YIFAN developed specialized construction waste disposal equipment-mobile jaw crusher with one another a real customer case, confirmed to us that the road construction waste recycling is a proven approach.

江苏快三计划软件 if the project total investment of 107 million yuan, in april 2012 to start the construction, companies using the most advanced production technology, high starting point, high standard of investment planning and construction. up to now, automatic filtering, automatic proportioning equipment and other projects have been completed and commissioning started large-scale production. the company purchased the mobile jaw crusher construction waste disposal system was designed and installed by the yifan in the country in the lead.

project officials said that construction waste material into the mobile jaw crusher into the future, disposable powder crushing, crushing after completing the system will automatically decompose inside the bars, all debris removed, the extraction of sand, gravel, follow-up process for the production of the brick, dry mortar and foam concrete series. up to now, the company production capacity has reached 50,000, the annual output of up to 30 million, the annual handling capacity of construction waste could reach 60 million tons, can successfully produce eggs river brick, permeable brick, masonry and other renewable water permeability strong, a good moisturizing effect environmentally friendly construction materials. so far, construction waste recycling project in luliang achieve new breakthroughs.

mobile jaw crusher
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