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SMH hydraulic cone crusher has obvious advantages in crushing hard rock areas.


SMH Hydraulic Cone Crusher
For hard rock crushing problems, Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. sums up 15 years of experience in developing and manufacturing crusher, based on learning and actively absorb advanced international crushing technology, development and production of the world's advanced level of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone SMH crusher.It is understood, SMH efficient multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is today the construction industry an alternative to traditional spring cone crusher and ordinary Hydraulic Cone Crusher latest generation of products. It uses multi-point split hydraulic lubrication system, cavity and stroke were re-experimental design, and impact strength, yield, very suitable for crushing river gravel, basalt, granite, iron ore and other hard materials, yield than ordinary spring cone break increased by 35% to 60%.The machine is stable, the device size too big iron. When there is iron and other hard objects can not be broken into the machine, the over iron protection device will automatically be released and then immediately reset, greatly reduce equipment failure rates and downtime.In addition,SMH hydraulic cone crusher produced Dan Zicheng product quality is very high,it uses special laminated crushing principle,resulting in inter-particle crushing effect, reduce the flakiness stones,grain shape is more perfect,more uniform grain size, fully comply with the criteria used in construction sand and gravel.

In brief,Yifan Machinery SMH hydraulic cone crusher with reliable structure,high efficiency, easy adjustment and economical, with equipment running smoothly,low noise, long life,the particle size uniformity, ease of maintenance and so on.Type the ore crushing chamber use decisions,standard type suitable for medium crushing; cone crusher for medium crushing;short head type cone crusher is suitable for ultra-crushing.
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