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Construction waste mobile crushing station in response to a new system of low-carbon environmental situation


Both mobile crusher mobile crushing station is flowable stone crushing operations , can be seen as a simple stone production line is widely used in railway , highway construction , water conservancy, metallurgy and other industries. Mobile crushing plant processing raw materials according to the type , size and product requirements of different materials , especially crushing small venues , more suitable for construction waste , construction waste crushing .
Mobile crushing station is in accordance with the domestic market , the first to develop a new product to facilitate construction waste crushing . Combination of flexible, adaptable : all kinds crushing plant a variety of configurations , users can according to their own environmental equipment needs optional configuration, consisting of " broken after the first screening ," according to the requirements of different crushing process can also be composed of "first sieve broken "process , crushing and screening can also be used alone.
At present, China is in a period of economic construction and development , every year a large number of construction and demolition and renovation construction projects inevitably produce several million tons of construction waste , if not addressed and use , will give the community an adverse impact on the environment and resources as soon as possible . According to incomplete statistics , the number of construction waste , China has accounted for 30 % to 40% of total municipal waste .
At present, Japan is the guiding principle for the construction waste is : as construction waste is not discharged from the construction site ; construction waste as possible re-use ; difficulties for re-use should be dealt with appropriately . In the Netherlands , there are 70% of construction waste can be recycled , but the Dutch government wants to increase this proportion to 90% . Therefore, they developed a series of laws , establish limits waste dump processing , recycling mandatory quality control system operation .
Generally speaking , most of these countries implemented a " construction waste source reduction strategy " , that is, before construction waste formed, through scientific management and effective control measures for its reduction ; For construction waste generated by the use of scientific methods , it has the function of renewable resources .
In today's high-profile advocate of low-carbon environmental protection , low-carbon life gradually into every corner of the city . How to strengthen the process of building a conservation -oriented society essential recycling economy, reduce resource consumption and reduce emissions during the life or even " zero" emissions and achieve sustainable economic and social development is the inevitable direction of development of low-carbon cities. In the era of low-carbon environmental protection , recycling of construction waste will provide a sustainable source of urban development, power , practice low-carbon city development is an important guarantee .
Technology and quality equipment is a measure of whether a long-term basis for the development of an enterprise, in a mixed market globalization, the market and technology leading consumer guide today if companies do not have their own core technology products, will lose their competitive edge, more talk not on the quality and brand it. A corporate brand to want to do, we must first have absolute competitive technologies.
Crusher technology to improve our industry is a long-term task that requires close integration with the market. Especially research into productivity requires a long process, must submit the near future, long-term goals, but also have a good R & D leaders, and some crack, so to really play a role in the R & D center. Added value in improving product technology, establish the corporate brand, but also for the industry with a good head; accumulate in the design of technology to enhance the reliability of technology, manufacturing processes, basic materials, basic mechanical parts and electronic components, basic manufacturing equipment, lean manufacturing, flexible manufacturing and other basic technical capability and manufacturing capacity, to achieve robust growth of enterprises.
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