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Mobile crushing equipment, processing of construction waste and achieved initial results


As cities grow , more and more construction waste . Past construction waste is how to deal with it ? Which will be reinforced , such as recycling, most of the rest on concrete blocks and other conduct removal and landfill , a large number of construction waste makes a lot of cities , " no land can be filled ," and even a " black landfill " phenomenon, where free to go out into the Where dumping, land resource constraints we have had to consider forced better way for construction waste.
The last stage , the first construction waste recycling project started, and actively promote, 30,000 cubic meters of slag all built into the recycling stage. Only once construction waste to landfill , after some treatment, most turned into useful materials .
YiFan machinery for construction waste recycling mill to make a great contribution to the " eat into " concrete pieces become pieces of different sizes , screening machine then these lumps different rules for screening , are classified according to the size of the final processed junk these buildings become aggregate, is used to make mortar, brick and other raw materials .
In April 2014 , launched the first construction waste recycling demonstration projects , mostly using mobile crushing equipment , no Sinotrans , the demolition of the old building directly in situ construction waste crushing , screening , urban transformation produced 30,000 cubic meters of construction waste, currently has 25,000 cubic meters of construction waste turned into building materials, most are processed into mortar , Curb and brick town directly for transformation , and the rest will be needed to achieve full accordance with the progress of construction recycled.
Mobile crushing station is mainly used in metallurgy chemical building hydroelectric some areas , according to a number of factors kind of user's processing of raw materials , scale, and finished materials, etc. , we design crushing station has different configurations, which tracked mobile crushing station with its ingenious design style, very popular.
Crawler mobile crushing plant is put on the market in the first crushing station to Nordberg LT series coarse crushing mobile crusher station is representative. Crushing technology and quality are more advanced , each device is composed of 25 basic modules , each module has a wealth of optional parts, according to different , different environments , as well as the special requirements of local customers , for customers " tailor-made " to meet the needs of the crushing plant .
Crawler asphalt concrete road mobile crushing station can be used for rock , ore, massive , crushing demolished concrete building materials, recycling, it 's a combination of the body is very flexible, adaptable relatively strong , the main crushing process is broken after the first screening , of course, You can also composed pieces after the first screening process , crushing and screening can also be used alone. Crushing station can be combined into a thick, crushing two crushing and screening system , can also be combined into coarse , medium and fine crushing and screening system three sections , it can be run independently , there is great flexibility in the actual demand. Materials can be processed on site , without having to move out of the scene and then processing the material , greatly reducing the cost of transportation of materials.
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