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High power frequency converter on the use of energy-saving conveyor belt


江苏快三计划软件 transporting ore from the mine to the plant to produce just the presence of a certain height , a certain potential , you can use the drive to the motor excitation power, the inverter drive systems for the renewable energy , renewable energy can be repercussions back to the grid . normally delivery 24 hours a day after another , the amount of ore shipped large motor generating capacity is also large, energy feedback too much. judging from the current situation of domestic mining crusher look, basically transporting ore mine with a large tonnage transported by car down the hill from a trip to visit the mountains , not only a waste of fuel, but also pollute the environment, but also take up a lot of arable land, it is pity. shipped with the drive belt driven conveyor belt transporting ore generators , many of recyclable energy, reduce production costs, improve the company's competitiveness serious sense , this approach is worth promoting.

Crushing Equipment
Crushing Equipment

江苏快三计划软件 i. overview

in the new dry cement production line feeder , limestone material mine is located a few kilometers away from the straight hill . the traditional approach to the use of large tonnage transported mine car trip down the hill from the mountain trip transporting ore , to ensure normal production , and it must be a prerequisite for the mine car journey away, not just cement production line downtime , tub must continuously transported from the mountains to the limestone mountain . this journey should be able to withstand large tonnage mine car rolling , the length of a few kilometers, covers an area of ​​great natural funded cone crusher is also large, and delivery process to consume a lot of fuel , taking into account equipment and distance maintenance , high operating costs , increased cement production costs , is not conducive to market competition. to reduce production costs , taking into account the transport of limestone from the mountains to the foot of the process, potential continues to decrease . the potential use of limestone itself , without consuming additional energy or consume very little power can be safely transported to the foot of the limestone from the mountains , and now the choice is more conveyor belt . this article narrative conveyor belt , not only as something transporting limestone , but also the use of potential energy to generate electricity , power saving significant, meaning lower electricity consumption of cement produced serious .

second, the conveyor belt

tape is mainly composed of steel cord conveyor belt , roller, roller, push the middle frame and support , etc., it is widely used in various jobs in mining, metallurgy , coal, ports, power plants , building materials, chemical industry , light industry, petroleum , etc., with to transport slack materials or items , according to the delivery skills needed , can be a single shipment , or can be composed of multiple components with other transport equipment consisting of horizontal or inclined conveyor system to meet different types of operating line needs to settle . belt conveyor with a planning brief , standardized parts , repair lunch , transportation capacity, operating repair simple, low operating costs, applicable to a wide range of other features . long distance belt conveyor is transporting a large amount of transportation equipment, with delivery of a continuous , reliable, high degree of automation , equipment maintenance, a small amount of work , the total plant control system with a unified network management , shipping lines settled by less arable land and other terrain features ; with the material relatively stable during transportation , less dust points, little environmental pollution .

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