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Application of Mobile crushing station in urban environmental protection


Mobile Crushing Station
Mobile Crushing Station

With the progress of time, our country has gradually entered the period of construction rapid development, construction of infrastructure and acceleration of urbanization process make our country resembles a huge "building site", it is not difficult to find from our side of the construction site, a large number of construction waste, including rubble, concrete, waste mortar, asphalt blocks, scrap metal and others surrounding buildings. Usually, after a project is completed, we often buried construction waste  to deal with these construction waste, but this practice was questioned by the majority of environmentalists, landfill not only takes up a lot of land resources, part of the construction waste will pollute the soil, make the value of land lost over a long period of chemical action  .  

Mobile crushing station is typically used in the coarse crushing of hard materials in mining, cement and other industries, but with the outstanding problem of garbage accumulation, crushing and screening equipment manufacturer YIFAN Machinery expanded to deal with construction waste crushing according to the crushing principle of mobile crushing station. After continuously develop and process, mobile crushing station not only can deal with the construction waste, also provide a lot of raw materials for the construction industry and brick industries. Since then, turning construction waste into treasure, combine the waste disposal and landscaping both.  

江苏快三计划软件 reuse of construction waste is not only environmental protection, energy conservation, and beautify environment, contribute to the development of the construction industry. construction waste mobile crushing station contributed to environmental protection.

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